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Sales and Marketing
Spend Across Channels over Engagement.JP

Powerful visuals that illustrate the power of omni-channel media. 

Insights that help capture more of your client’s marketing spend.

Filter by client and date range.  Ideal for both prospective and existing clients.

Exportable in presentations, spreadsheets or sell sheet format.

Advertising Operations

Efficiently monitor the performance of campaigns across all channels

Prevent lost revenue with alerts on missing copy, underperformance, and low-visibility.

Monitor performance to ensure client KPIs are met and compare against Third Party reports .

Easily filter dashboards by client, product, date range and campaign.

Expose low fill rates and under-valued inventory.


Summarizes performance across social, email, OTT, display, search, outdoor, and events.

Makes the impact of multi-channel marketing clear and understandable.

Real time status and performance of individual campaigns.

Highlights top performing creatives, posts and custom content

Audience and Analytics

Daily insights into audience including acquisition source, bounce rates, and duration.

Tie content to revenue for insights on the most profitable authors, mediums and category.

Closely monitor media consumption by platform, type and brand.

Highlights audience profile trends that drive business and key initiatives.

Revenue - Publisher.JPG

Improve decision making using current data rather than weeks or month old data.

Monitor key metrics that show how business is performing and trending.

Brings visibility across the entire organization to maintain focus on business goals.

Monitor revenue by channel, client, type, business unit and even client.


Our in-depth understanding of the industry, technologies, goals, and challenges gives us the perspective to turn raw data into actionable business intelligence.  One-size fits all reports are replaced with purpose-built Dashboards that empower your teams, improving decision-making and performance organization-wide. 

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