There’s nothing like Autymate to eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks in accounting. The Enliven team are data, technical, workflow and process experts. They have the know-how to work through the nuances of connecting different systems to get your Autymate up and running fast!

Project Planning

The process begins with a meeting to clearly define your project goals.  We lay out more than a plan, we offer ideas and insights on how other businesses solve similar challenges.

Data Prep and Optimization

We review the data to make sure it will process correctly. If needed, we can help with set up in other systems to avoid mistakes and ensure data quality.


Data are then mapped, Autymations are configured, and the system is tested.  We carefully review the results to ensure the integrity of data in your accounting system.

Validate, Train and Launch!

We review everything with you to confirm we are on target.  Our specialists provide personalized training sessions, so you understand your configuration and workflows.

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