We Put Data to Work for Omni-Channel Media

Enliven Data Solutions is a technology and professional services company.  We connect the dots to harness the power of a real-time unified data platform through analytics, automation, and insights.



Data is more than insights, it's the fuel that enables businesses to reach peak performance. We go beyond science, delivering practical solutions that make data more understandable and useful, and put it to work organization-wide.

We complement your data teams by tackling the integration, data and reporting challenges that they don't have time for. Connecting all data sources, including third party, partner and off-line, is essential for a holistic view of performance. Collaborating with your staffs, our professional services team provides the insights, strategies, solutions and support to execute.

Unified Data Platform

The entire landscape of technologies and data sources are connected to provide a complete view of every and any area of your business. 

250+ Integrations Including

  • Social Media

  • Analytics

  • Audience

  • Advertising & Marketing

  • CRM and ERP

  • Events

& Reporting

We design and implement around the goals of the business and the individual user. Data is refreshed automatically and on-demand.


Advanced visualization techniques expose trends faster and make sense out of complex omni-channel marketing.​

Data Optimization

For data to be insightful and actionable, it needs to be prepared for how it will be leveraged in your business.

  • Strategies for Consistency and Compliance

  • Align Data from Multiple Sources

  • Translations and Conversion Mapping



Whether it's established APIs, shared documents, or custom code, our team understands how to pull from and push to any source or format.

Connecting with data science platforms like Tableau, Domo and Snowflake is a great time saver for your BI team.

Workflow & Process

Consolidated data is more than insights alone.  We put it to work to help businesses run more efficiently and improve quality of service.


From sales through operations and accounting, we leverage free up resources, streamline processes, and automate manual tasks

Advertiser Portal 

Our AdDesk™ portal makes it easier for advertisers to do business with you.

  • Submit Ad Creatives 

  • Monitor Campaign Performance

  • Tearsheets / Screen Grabs

  • History and Archives


Delivering Results 

We bring the power of data to the front lines of businesses where the impact can be seen and measured every day.  Enliven Data Solutions understands how to put unified data to work to help make every area of your business perform at a higher level. 

Expose Negative Trends When You Have

Time to Correct Them

If you see opportunities in last month's data, there's nothing you can do about it.  Our dashboards highlight conditions that put revenue at risk today so you can fix it today.

  • Late Starting Campaigns

  • Missing Creatives

  • Underperforming

  • Low Viewability

  • Broken Tags

Connect Performance Data to Billing Records

Reconciling billing and delivery records is a slow and manual process that puts revenue at risk.  Our data alignment process ties performance data to the campaign records automatically every day.  Accounting reports identifies discrepancies between the advertising platforms and billing to ensure revenue isn't left on the table.  The performance dat is pushed back to the billing system so you can invoice sooner and improve cashflow.

Growing Revenue with Data-Backed Sales

For sales people to be effective selling Omni Channel Marketing, they not only need data, they need to know how to leverage it pre and post sale.  We provide clear, concise visuals that illustrate how you reach and engage the audiences across your portfolio of products and services.

Whether it's a new or existing client, we know how to help your sales team leverage data to tell the story more effectively. 

Freeing Up Staffs by Automating the Mundane

Streamlined Ad Operations are essential to growth and profitability. Your business stands-out when campaigns are executed quickly, accurately, and perform to client expectations. When Ad Ops are focused on product solutions and strategy, inventory grows, rates increase and new revenue opportunities are uncovered.  We eliminate the following 

  • Loading / entering performance data into billing systems

  • Pulling data from multiple siloed systems

  • Assembling reports for internal and external clients

  • Tracking campaigns across multiple platforms

  • Reconciling third party performance data against your actuals


About Us

Enliven Data Solutions is the evolution of CNI Corporation.  Since 1991, we’ve been helping media companies and agencies leverage technology, eliminate data silos, and free up resources through automation and streamlined processes.  We’re building on that legacy and expertise to help businesses become data driven organization wide.

By extending the value of data beyond science, we're helping clients improve top and bottom-line revenue, increase agility, raise the level of customer service, and respond faster to market opportunities. 

Unified data platforms require an on-going commitment of resources.  Enliven Data Solutions is your strategic partner, working collaboratively with your staff to ensure that the data are reliable, understandable and actionable.  We offer the expertise to understand what the data means and solutions to capitalize on them.  We provide the resources and support to execute the plans so you realize your goals faster.


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